Your roof should be measured by a qualified roofer. He will determine the number of field shakes in terms of squares, the linear footage of starter and linear footage of hip & ridge.  The order is then placed through your builder or roofer. Slate/Select does not provide estimates on quantity and accepts no responsibility for measurements and quantities other than the information provided by your roofer. Please be sure that the quantity ordered is correct. Shipping is expensive and adds additional cost for small reorders. No returns for excess are allowed.


  • Once your roofer or builder has given you an estimate, they then place the order with Slate/Select.
  • We will write a proposal which includes the freight estimate and any upcharges if applicable.

The contract must be signed and we require a 1/3 deposit to begin the order and the balance just prior to shipping.


We usually require 4 weeks production time. This is of course dependent on the jobs already on line. We will work as hard as possible to see that your deadlines are met.


Depending on the size of your order your shipment will arrive on 1+ trucks. We package Slate/Select on three squares to a pallet. Each truck holds approximately 18 pallets. The first shipment will include one pallet with your starter and approximately ½ of the field shake, to be able to blend your roof correctly on the job. The secondary trucks will be shipped approximately 2 weeks later. It will contain the field shakes and hip and ridge, in proportion to the necessary blend requirements.


The product will arrive at either the noted roofing yard and then delivered via their trucks or to the jobsite directly. If the product is to come directly to the job site, you must rent a forklift in order to unload. This is the responsibility of the client.

Our staff of experienced detailers can help you with your design, dimensions and installation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: