Extensive testing assures you of the following superior qualities of Slate/Select

Fireproof-  Non-combustible Class A or Class B fire rating as installed per specs.

Durability-  Due to its low absorption, Slate/Select is freeze-thaw resistant and resistant to insect rot and rodent infestation.

Strength/Weight-  High Strength with light weight is obtained with reinforcing glass fibers.

Authentic in Color and Appearance-  Use of integral color with iron oxide pigments and moulding with real slate give Slate/Select its authenticity.

Maintenance-  Due to its low porosity,  Slate/Select experiences no shrinkage or warping.  It requires little or no maintenance.

Installation-  Pre-notched for ease of nailing, it may also be applied similar to wood shingle roofing.  In areas of high wind, the shingles may be additionally nailed to meet code requirements.  It is imperative any installation be held with an experienced, reputable roofer.

Warranty-  Slate/Select offers a 50 year pro rated warranty.  Please see warranty page for details.

Technical Data


Field Shingles:  18’ x 9”, 10”, 11”, 12”, 14”

Starter Shingles: 18” x 9”

Hip/Ridge: 18” x 9”  -  2 piece application

Thickness:  1/4” to 3/8”

Exposure: 7 1/2”  on field shake and 11” on Hip/Ridge

Weight per square: 750-800Lbs

Number of pieces per square:

130-200 depending on size

Roofing square coverage: 10’ x 10’ or 100 sq ft area

Asbestos Free

Testing Approval:

Slate/Select meets or exceeds all major building code requirements and has successfully completed the following tests

  • E-108, UBS 15-2 Class A&B Fire rating

  • ICBO AC-07, 3.5.2 Flexural Strength

  • ICBO AC-07, UBC 32-12 Water Absorption

  • ICBO AC-07, 4.4 Uplifted-Bend

  • ICBO AC-07, Permeability

  • ICBO AC-07, 4.2 Penetration

  • ICBO AC-07, 3.311 Hot Water

  • ICBO AC-07, 3.510 Wet/Dry Cycling, Bending Strength

  • ICBO AC-07, ASTM C-67 Freeze-Thaw

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